Orphaned Baby Fawn Mistakes Dog For Parent! Watch How Seriously Mishka Takes That Role! OMG!

Used to dealing with bears as part of his canine job with the wildlife Service, Mishka probably didn’t see this one coming. A Karelian Bear Dog, his main role was to scare bears. Yes, you heard me right! It may sound like a joke, but with man taking over animals’ natural habitat, many bears are getting too familiar with human surroundings.

This means that come spring and summer, when they wake up from their long wintry hibernation, the hungry bears go in search of food and the easiest source is from human settlements. People can go a little overboard and feed the bears, and when these ferocious predators get too comfortable, it could be a death sentence for them.

Many bears are put down every year because of this and this is where Mishka steps in. He helps recondition habituated bears by scaring their wits off. As you can see in the video, he constantly barks at the caged bear in order to scare it so that it does not return. His job role makes him sound mean and scary, but despite the job requirements, this video proves otherwise.

When an orphaned baby fawn was found, it latched onto the Bear Dog, thinking that he was its mother. You would think that the dog would scare away the little baby, but he happily obliged the fawn and took on his role as a foster parent seriously. Watch this video to see how he deals with the situation and you will LOVE his reaction!!!

When I watched this video, I was so amazed! There is so much trust and affection between the dog and the baby fawn. It looks so natural! Did you watch the video? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments section below! We love hearing from you!

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