Orphaned Baby Rhino Runs Ahead Of His Friends. His Reaction When Called Back? AMAZING.

Rhinos are big, territorial animals who have a nasty temper if they feel like they are being encroached on. That’s when they are older, though, and have spent their lives in the wild, where it can be kill-or-be-killed. We see a quite different story with an orphaned rhino named Warren, who is so sweet. You have to see it to believe it. It’d be great to have him, but I don’t think a rhino would fit in my place..

Maybe it’s because he spends time with some dogs that live around the place, but Warren’s behavior is very dog-like. He may run ahead… and he runs quite fast for something as big as he is, but he can turn around fairly quickly and he can also decelerate fairly well. Whether that is the case when he’s older remains to be seen… He knows his name and he comes back when he’s called. That’s so adorable to see.

Warren is an adorable baby… who will grow up to be a very big rhino. His horn is already starting to form. Hopefully, he will remember those that helped raise him… though seeing him run their way as an adult might cause a very different reaction. Probably “SCATTER!” Even if he’s being friendly then, a rhino charge is not something you want to be in the way of. They can enjoy Warren while he’s small.

I don’t know about you, but there’s just something a wee bit scary about having a lumbering hulk coming my way… albeit with good intentions… who might not be able to stop when they want. It’d be like having a cruise ship coming in my direction – I’d have to be the one ready to move suddenly to the left or the right. Otherwise… Pain City. Still, a sweet scene… as long as he’s able to swerve away.

Have you had a chance to interact with a rhino? They are amazing creatures… I just find it better to admire from afar. Tell us your thoughts in the comments section!

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