Orphaned Baby Squirrel Thinks Man Who Saved Him Is His Mama!!! Adorable Bond in Amazing Video!

This guy was busy working in the wood pile in his back yard when he saw a baby red squirrel staring at him from a distance of 2 feet. He said ‘hello’ to the little guy and the baby just ran up to him. He set the little critter down, but the little fella ran right back. In fact, you can see in the video just how cute this situation is.

The tiny red squirrel seems to have lost his mother and probably looked to Mr.Webguy as his foster mom. The baby climbed up the man’s leg and came to him when he called, resting comfortably in the palm of his hand. You can even notice in the video that the little one is trying to bite him or suckle on his hand.

Although the guy seems to be new to caring for squirrels, he assures his viewers that he will so all the necessary research to see that the baby gets all the proper care required. Not sure of what to feed him, he notices the little one is hungry. It’s a good thing he decided to find out what to feed the baby, as it seems that the little red squirrel imprinted on him and wouldn’t leave him alone.

His cute attempts at preventing the squirrel from imprinting on him are really hilarious and heart warming at the same time. Every time he sets the baby down, the little one runs straight back to the man. You can even hear the squirrel’s chatter as he comes near to the man! It’s a blessing the little one was found – who knows how long he would’ve survived without his mommy.

Check out the video to see their hilarious interaction! What did you think of the video? I absolutely LOVED it and thought it was one of the most adorable things I have ever watched! Send us your messages in the section below. We love hearing from you!