Orphaned Elephant Calf Finds Unlikely Friend In A Fluffy Sheep! Say Whaaaaaaaat?

Babies are adorable little creatures that evoke a strong sense of protectiveness. When little Themba was orphaned at a very young age, he couldn’t find any foster elephant mom to share her milk with him. There was a drought and no help seemed to be on the horizon. Things weren’t looking good for the little calf and he desperately needed milk to survive. All elephant calves need to drink their mother’s milk for two years.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t accepted by the other elephants and the rescuers from the Shamwari Game Reserve stepped in to help the little calf. They shot him with a tranquilizer dart to incapacitate him so that they could transport him to an enclosure in the reserve where they could keep a closer eye on him and help him out.

Sadly, the little one refused to drink anything. Lyndal Davies, the resident filmmaker at the Game Reserve explained that baby elephants are a lot like little human children. They get very emotional and shut down if things are not making them happy. This situation was understandable as he had recently lost his mother. They had to come up with an idea to make him eat to survive.

That’s where Albert the sheep came in. This unlikely friendship didn’t start well on good terms with the baby elephant scaring the sheep away. However, within a day they both became inseparable. Themba’s health soon became better and only within three days of the introduction, he started drinking his formula. Within two weeks, he was taken to a wider enclosure where he enjoyed his first walk with the rescuers and Albert.

Watch them carry out their rescue mission and watch Themba interact with Albert. The most unlikely bond, but such a strong one that I was amazed. Did you watch the video? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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