This Orphaned Kitten Does This With Her Ears At Every Meal

Cats sometimes get a bad reputation because of their independent and wayward attitude. They can seem unfriendly and aloof when you first meet them, but once they get to know you, they are just as friendly and cuddly as other animals. You will see proof of that once you meet Polly, this adorable two-week-old orphan kitty in this video.

This little one was rescued by the Feline Network, an organization based in California that is devoted to getting all abandoned kittens to new homes and loving families. Polly is wrapped in a towel and being fed by one of the volunteers, and she is very excited about feeding time. Thanks to this rescue organization, Polly is sure to find a forever home very soon.

The video put together by the organization shows Polly being fed with a baby bottle. She is only two weeks old, after all! She needs to get milk in absence of her mother. You can see her adorably wiggling her ears after a few sips, because she is holding up her bottle with her own tiny little paws. I have never seen any animal wiggle her ears like this little gal does when she eats, but it is a very cute feature that is sure to get her adopted.

I can’t stand how cute this clip is! If you still have misgivings about cats Polly will be sure to wipe them clear! Please watch and share this heartwarming clip to help other babies like Polly get their forever homes.

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