Orphaned Mountain Lion Cub Lost Her Mom and Was Struggling To Survive Makes Miraculous Recovery

It’s always sad finding an abandoned animal, wild or not. It means their family system broke down somehow, either through disaster, predators or weakness. If you see a young wild animal alone, wait for a bit to make sure the mommy isn’t coming back. Getting between a mother and her baby is a bad idea, no matter how good your intentions are. That wasn’t the case with this young mountain lion

People found this female cub on tribal land in Arizona. She was in a tree, while her sibling was on the ground, dead. No mother in sight. Apparently, a dog had killed the sibling. Things looked dicey. She hadn’t eaten or drank for days. Still, she was taken to the Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center, which rescues animals like this. A team of vet experts decided to take a look at her, but there was the matter of getting her calm enough.

The rescue center staff manage to sedate the cub. She is, after all, still a wild animal with large claws. They weigh her and find that she is at least 20 pounds underweight. Not a surprise, since she went a while without food and water. They run tests to find if her kidneys are too damaged with her time spent not drinking. It looks like she’s got a chance to live, though – the vets feel cautiously optimistic.

After they finish that, they put her in a kennel and wait for her to wake up. They are going to feed her and give her water and see what happens. Hopefully, she turns out okay and can learn the skills that will help her survive in the wild should they release her. There was no update after this video which was posted in August 2016. My fingers are crossed for a positive resolution to this.

Wasn’t that cub adorable? If she wasn’t likely to grow into a killing machine that’s larger than a Doberman pinscher, I would adopt her. How about you? Would you be one of those ‘exotic’ pet owners? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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