Orphaned piglet named ‘Batman’ rushes to the rescue when kitten bestie is in pain

Orphaned piglet with kitten bestie

Batman and Sriracha are the most adorable and loyal best friends on the planet. Both animals come from challenging pasts; the piglet and kitten are there for each other. This beautiful connection they have will help them overcome any challenge.

Sriracha is a special needs kitten with seizures. These seizures are caused by a neurological disorder that makes it difficult to balance or walk. The only one who can calm poor Sriracha down is Batman.

Batman, a two-week-old piglet, was orphaned shortly after birth. He seems to know when the little kitten isn’t feeling well. Batman is there to help his best friend, Sriracha, whenever she needs some love and support when she starts seizing.

Orphaned piglet with kitten bestie

The rare and unlikely relationship between them happened when they met at a rescue facility in New Jersey called Rancho Relaxo. Since then, the pair have never left each other’s sides.

While Sriracha has it tough some days thanks to her condition, there are some good days. On those days, she shows her love to the piglet as well. In this viral video, we see Sriracha groom her friend.

These two animals are the most adorable patient and caregiver combination on the internet. Their unlikely and rare friendship shows how much love there is in the animal kingdom.

This is a heartwarming clip about friendship and love with two beautiful animals. Two animals who have it tough at life give it another go together. The very inspiration we need going forward.

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