An Orphaned Squirrel Taken in By a Cat, Now Purrs When He is Happy

At a time when there is too much sad news all over the world, we want to be the place to provide you with at least one reason to smile every single day. The mother cat in the following video can teach us all a big lesson on compassion and kindness. If you don’t believe that one of our feline friends is capable of something like this, watch the video yourself, and you will be a believer.

Jim and Karen Watkins are an amazingly kind couple. They’ve been welcoming stray cats that roamed around their neighborhood into their own home so that they don’t have to struggle and face the horrors of the world alone. After all this time of helping stray animals, they managed to adopt 18 cats, and that is when they realized that they already had enough and probably could not take in any more strays. It’s important to remember that, no matter how much you want to help animals, one has to be responsible and not adopt more than one can maintain in good health and happiness.


One day, a baby squirrel fell from a tree into their yard, and the little critter was still too young to care for itself. The couple was compelled to adopt him as well, for his sake, but they never expected that their own cat, Emmy, would be kind enough to mother him in such an adorable way!

This is an absolutely adorable interspecies adoption. Mama cat was more than willing to accept this little guy as one of her own. Now, isn’t that just precious?

An Orphaned Squirrel Taken in By a Cat, Now Purrs When He is Happy