Otter siblings get a pleasant surprise inside a giant box

If you believe that no other pet can be as entertaining as cats and dogs, you are in for a surprise. A Japanese family owns two pet otters, Kotaro and Hana. Both are incredibly playful and entertaining.

Recently, while Kotaro and Hana were having their meal, their dad decided to surprise them with a present. The two suddenly heard a strange noise and went to investigate. To their surprise, they saw a giant box chasing them inside the house.

Although the two ran under a couch in fright, soon they discovered that it was a small couch for the otters to rest. Their owner removed their cage and placed the small couch in its place. However, he was doubtful whether the two would sleep on the sofa or underneath.

The following day, when the two otters woke up, they went downstairs to find that the giant box was still there in the living room. So, Hana and Kotaro decided to explore the big box a bit. However, they discovered that the box had moved somewhat, to their horror.

Despite being frightened, the two brave otters started investigating it. Soon they discovered three holes on one side of the box and an open lid. Kotaro also understood that something was inside the box.

He decided to explore further and discovered a finger sticking out from a hole. Upon further investigation, Kotaro deciphered that their owner was sitting inside the box and playing with them. All this while, Hana waited at a distance for the person inside the box to come out.

After playing for a while, the otters’ dad decided to reveal himself. Seeing him, Kotaro went and laid down on his lap in relief. The two otters were very scared about who was hiding inside the box.

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Otter siblings get a pleasant surprise inside a giant box