Otters As Pets? Well, They Are Adorable, Intelligent, And Wonderfully Playful

Otters are one of the most delightful animals out there. They’re remarkably intelligent, as their playfulness makes abundantly clear. They’ve been observed playing with pebbles, but that’s just a casual diversion. Play-loving otters will actually do things like build a slide and then go zooming down into the water, purely for the fun of it. While they sleep on land, usually in dens they’ve built, otters spend a lot of time in the water, frolicking around and looking for something tasty to eat. Favorite treats include crabs, mollusks, fish, and sometimes bird eggs, worms, and snakes. Otter feet are webbed for swimming but also have claws and yet they have considerable manual dexterity. With their long, thin bodies and small legs, otters have been described as ferrets that behave like seals.

Wonderful though otters are, they would seem to make for a rather strange choice of pet. But there could be method to otter owners’ madness. When choosing a pet, some of us go for the highest possible cuteness factor. Others really prize intelligence. But there always a few people who are just determined to be different. There’s no question otters score well in all three categories: cute, intelligent, and different! If you can provide lots of space and even more water, maybe you have the otter option.

In the video we’ve posted below, you’ll see a man having fun times with his pet otter. We aren’t sure an inflatable pool is the best choice for an animal with claws, but it seems to be working fine. The otter is certainly having a good time chasing him from one end to the other. Still, it might be time to talk to a pool installation company about putting something larger and… highly customized… in place!

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