Otters try massage gun for the first time

For cats and dogs, getting petted is a highlight of the day. But they are not the only animals who love a daily massage. It turns out otters get just as excited about receiving this soothing touch.

The otter siblings, Kotaro and Hana, were no exception to this trend. Even little Kotaro, who did not like being picked up, would sit in his dad’s lap for a massage treatment.

His sister, Hana, on the other hand, loved being held. As soon as one of her parents got within reach, Hana would clamber into their arms and roll onto her back for gentle pets.

This got Hana and Kotaro’s parents wondering if they would like other forms of massage, too. So, they brought out their trusty massage gun to see what the two otters would think.

Kotaro was the first sibling to encounter the strange device. When his dad knelt down, the otter rose on his hind legs to look at what he probably presumed was a new toy.

While Kotaro remained curious about the massage gun, neither he nor his sister seemed to like getting massaged by it. Even when their parents bought them an otter-sized massage gun, they were nervous whenever it started working on them.

The internet is filled with videos of dogs and cats who enjoy electric massages. Kotaro and Hana, however, preferred the old-fashioned method. Still, this sibling pair had fun exploring their new toy, even if they were more interested in fighting it than using it to unwind.

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Otters try massage gun for the first time