Outstanding Animated Finnish Folktale Explains Origins of Aurora Borealis

There’s something wholesome about watching a cartoon, whether it’s Saturday morning as a child or the middle of the week as an adult. Filmmaker Keilidh Bradley teaches everyone about the Finnish folktale that details the origin of the Aurora Borealis.

The stunning animation starts in a deep, dark forest where the moon came down from the sky. The animals begin to show up and ask who this moon character is, and what it’s doing in their woods.

We see familiar creatures like a ram, a bear, and a hawk. The moon asks the animals to help light the sky, and with the flick of his staff, he turns them into constellations. A curious fox walks out onto the lake to find a unique discovery.

The fox sees the reflection of the stars on the lake but feels lonely when he realizes he’s the only one who’s not a star. The animation continues on to tell the rest of the beautiful story behind the Finnish folklore.