To Overcome His Biggest Fear, Dog Does The Most Hilarious Trick! He’s So Adorable.

The dog in the video below is one of the most adorable I’ve ever seen. His name is Queso, and he’s a cute Pit bull who has a very nervous personality, and can jump easily after being startled by all kinds of things. But he goes to show that life isn’t about not feeling any fear, but rather overcoming everything that scares you.

This video has gathered over 2 million views since it was posted back in 2014, by the dog’s proud owner, Rhiannon Hamam. After seeing the video, you’ll understand why is it that it became so popular! Like we mentioned before, Queso can get startled by a variety of things, such as printers and certain types of floors, but the thing that scares him the most is definitely doorways.

But how does he get anywhere inside the house?! Well, the answer is not only quite simple, but also adorable as it can be. To get around his greatest fear, he turns around and gets through the doorway walking backwards. As silly as that may sound, when you see him for yourself, your heart will melt with his cuteness.

See this cute pup for yourself in the video right below.

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