These Owls Were Enjoying Their Day On The Rooftop, Until The One On The Right Decides To Do This

Owls are known for doing some crazy things, and while I haven’t seen that many owls in nature, I have seen a lot of them doing interesting things in videos and on television. I thought I had seen just about every trick in the book when it comes to owls, but I was so wrong! Apparently they have quite a good sense of humour. Who knew?  This little prankster beats all of the other owls. I fell right on the floor from the chair when I saw what this owl did to his friend.

These two adorable wide-eyed owls were sitting on a roof enjoying the day. But unknown to the owl on the left, his friend on the right was scheming up a very dirty plan. And it all comes into play when he slowly turns away from his friend and does the unthinkable.  I’m not going to spoil it by telling you what he does.

Even though his friend plays this most despicable prank on him, this owl seems to be very calm. He must be thinking of what his friend just did. He couldn’t believe his eyes and I couldn’t either. He looks down, and looks around, but I think he’s in shock that his friend actually did this to him. The person recording them must have had quite a laugh as the prankster ran away after committing his crime.

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