The Owner Asks Her If She Is Stupid, And How She Responds Will Leave You In Hysterics

Dogs are smart animals and there is no doubt about this fact. Their intelligence has been proven over and over by their ability to comfort, anticipate, and even provide therapy and rescue services.  Even though there are times when they innocently make silly or even mischievous mistakes, they surely cannot be called stupid. Sometimes they know exactly what they are doing and why even though to us, it looks silly or naughty. They also understand us when we talk to them, and who understands better than this talking dog named Mishka? I think no one.

Mishka is a talking husky who loves answering every question that her owner asks. At first her owner says ‘I love you’ to which Mishka cheerfully replies ‘I love you too’. Happy about her dog’s answer, she asks a series of questions to Mishka to see how she would reply, and fortunately for us, she recorded it to share with us.

This husky was happy answering all of the questions until her owner asks this question. Her owner asks if she is stupid. But Mishka’s hilarious reply leaves everyone floored and that’s when it becomes clear that Mishka actually has an amazing ability to understand what her owner is saying. Of course, I’m sure they have done this routine before.

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