Her owner has been away for weeks. Watch the horse’s reaction when she gets back!

Horses probably have the longest working relationship with humans out of all the animals. The reasons are simple: they are easy to domesticate, they are hard workers, they can either pull or be ridden, among others. They were the pillars in the construction of many civilizations, especially the Roman empire.

This probably started when people got to building ranches where they had several animals as a way of being self-sufficient. Back then, self-sufficiency was not as popular as today. It was a form of life for them. The idea was to produce what the family needed plus a little more, so they could expand their operation. At that time, paper currency was not in use yet.

They would use the horses to transport what they were using as money. Goods such as meat, grains, chocolate, and others, became the money they required to create wealth. As progress set in, horses became a commodity for these ranchers turned entrepreneurs. Raising horses that would meet the needs of the growing industry became a priority.

Many people back then had horses, so they thought of other uses they could give them. Some of them realized that they could use these horses for racing purposes and this became their form of entertainment. People became experts as to which breeds were better breeds and which ones were not worth the investment. This was the predecessor of today’s horse racetrack business.

Initially, this sport was exclusively a right that wealthy people had. It was not until several years later that upper-middle and middle-class people had access to it. When this happened, people with more wealth looked for ways of creating a sport where their financial power could be displayed, and the sport of Polo was born. This is actually still a sport played by upper-class people. The sport preferred by Royalty, Polo is present in almost all continents. What makes this sport expensive? Everything.

But not everything about horses is about money. Today’s stories are more a matter of loyalty. The owner of the following video was going on vacation. She would be missing her horse dearly because he was more than just a horse, he was her friend. Watch the heartwarming reunion between this owner and her wonderful horse!