Owner brings in her service dog to this woman’s room. Get ready to cry!

This video is bound to make you cry to hang on. Dogs are so incredible and we can’t overstate how much they mean to us or how they never stop amazing us with their perceptive skills.

Meet Baxter who used to be a service dog. Before his death, this precious animal was the oldest living service dog at 19 1/2 years old. He spent all of those years bringing joy and happiness to those in pain and suffering who were well into their last days on earth.

After almost two decades you would think he needed a rest but he never once stopped doing what he was put on earth to do. The clip here shows an incredibly amazing and emotional moment involving this most special of all service dogs.

Already a senior dog, poor Baxter was already at a place where he was having trouble walking. So his owner helped him go from patient to patient in a little wagon. If a patient wanted to spend time with him, he would be carted around in grand style and hang out for however long he was needed.

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