Owner Captures Christmas Morning Video of His Dog’s Most Favourite Gift Ever

This dog named Maymo has already been and Internet sensation once before when he received 100 tennis balls for his birthday. Maymo seems to really enjoy getting large quantities of the same item to play with, and so his owner grants his wish yet again and records his reaction for all of us to enjoy.

Maymo’s owner stacks 210 plastic water bottles into a pyramid in the middle of the floor. When Maymo first sees it, he sort of gently nudges it with his nose and about half the bottles fall over making a loud noise. He’s a little skittish after that and doesn’t know what to think about his Christmas gift of 210 water bottles. It’s large, it doesn’t smell like anything, and doesn’t look too exciting. At first he’s a bit startled, but then, my oh my, does the fun begin! Merry Christmas buddy!

Maymo takes full advantage of his gift of many bottles and rolls around in them, runs over them, and chews the caps off of some, with owner supervision, of course. All the while, Maymo is sporting a fetching Christmas hat.

A word of caution on this. If you ever give your dog plastic bottles, be sure to observe him or her carefully, as the pieces or caps can break off and become choking hazards or cause obstructed bowels. If you don’t trust your dog to drop it at your instruction, then these aren’t the right toys for them.

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