Owner Comes Back Home After 2 Long Years. His Dog Has The MOST Touching Reaction EVER! Aww!

Moving away from your family is always tough; not just for you, but your family members as well. Such was the situation for Nathan Beck when he left to serve his missionary trip in Samara, Russia. One of the hardest parts was to leave his dog Bailey behind. The poor Beagle-Coonhound mix was also devastated to see him leave. She would keep looking in his room searching for him.

When finally Nathan returned home after two long years, Bailey was a sight to behold. Wait till you see what she does the moment he comes in through the door. When Nathan enters, he is immediately greeted by his excited and animated dog. Poor Bailey can’t stop herself from giving him sloppy kisses all over! It is really heart-warming to see her that happy!

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