His Owner Didn’t Let Him On The Couch. But What The Bulldog Puppy Did Next Left Me In Hysterics!

Puppies and human babies have quite a lot of things in common, such as being adorable and cuddly. However, they do have some differences as well. When dealing with a fussy baby, you at least have a little chance of figuring out what you’ve been doing wrong, and as a result, what you need to do to solve the problem. But with fussy puppies, there’s almost no chance to get out of it easily.

The clip below shows Bentley, a bulldog puppy who has gotten angry at dad because of some unknown reason, and the way he shows everyone his anger is absolutely adorable. I had no idea puppies throwing temper tantrums could be so cute! I can only hope to ever have a puppy as adorable as that one for myself. You just how to see it for yourself!

Even if you’re not particularly a dog lover yourself, you should enjoy the video below quite a lot. I mean seriously, what could possibly go wrong with an adorably doggy?!

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