His owner dies suddenly. The heartbroken horse smells his casket and does this!

There have been many videos that have shown us the emotions that animals can show us. Among the most viral videos, I saw one of a male tiger. The story goes something like this: a group of poachers was hunting some tigers one day. They closed in on a group of tigers that looked like they would be an easy kill. After waiting for a long time, they finally found the right moment and pulled the trigger.

The poachers headed for the place they were sure they had gotten at least one of them. When they got there, it turns out they had shot and killed a tigress. What they didn’t know was that a male tiger was close by, looking at what they were doing. The poachers proceeded to skin the tigress then and there. They spent some time doing that, and then shared the animal’s meat.

Soon after the man who had shot the tigress was back looking for more animals along with other poachers. It turns out that a male tiger, allegedly the same one that had seen the skinning episode, was lurking nearby. Once the tiger saw that the poacher responsible for the skinning the previous time was in sight, and isolated from the rest, he moved in for the attack.

The poacher yelled for help, and his friends managed to get there on time, but he had sustained substantial injuries and died on his way to the hospital. This video proved that animals can display human-like feelings like revenge, as this poor man would find out. But not all cases have negative feelings involved. It is well-known by many people that animals can display sorrow, grief, compassion, and mercy.

One of these cases was with a husky, whose video became viral after only a few days. His owner had been an elderly lady. She had adopted him since he was a small puppy. A few years after, she started having medical conditions for which she had to be taken to the hospital. One day, her heart got so weak that she couldn’t take any more of it and passed away. On the day of her burial, her dog was taken as well. No one was prepared for the display of emotion the dog showed. He started sobbing and crying as soon as she got to where her owner was buried.

The next video is a similar one, but it features a horse. A man from Brazil passed at only 34-years-young due to a tragic car accident. This man’s best friend had been his horse, and when it was time for the funeral, everyone knew that his horse would have to be there. On their way to the cemetery, they stopped for a moment and the horse got close to the casket. When he did, everyone saw something that made them burst into tears!