While Owner Gets Ready, Benji The Bengal Cat Has His Own Plans And They’re Hilarious!!!

This cat is up to his usual shenanigans it seems. When his human goes to the bathroom, he decides to join in for some fun. Now most people would get irritated at his antics, but it seems he’s got a nice owner who likes to indulge him.

Cats are supposed to be extremely intelligent animals. Ever notice how they make us do stuff for them instead of the other way around? Dogs on the other hand, are extremely accommodating animals. Well, this smart kitty decided to let the curiosity get the better of him. Benji the Bengal cat shows us how his human is wrapped around his little pawsies.

This video shows us what cats are all about. His human may have to get ready, but it seems that he has plans of his own. He gets fascinated by a small object and proceeds to patiently knock it down – every single time. His human keeps replacing the item, but Benji just knocks it down again!

It may seem like Benji is being a jerk, but he’s just getting his jollies before his human heads off for work and leaves him to entertain himself. A cat’s gotta do what a cat’s gotta do, hey?

What did you think of this video? Do you think the cat was being a jerk? What would you have done if your pet was acting like this? Write in and let us know in the section below.

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