Owner Request Euthanasia For Dog, You Will Be Disgusted When You Find Out Why

There are those out there who take the time and effort necessary to take care of another living creature. It can be hard to be able to grasp all that has to go into raising a furred friend, until you actually do it or have someone guiding you. There are necessary things that you have to do to ensure the health of the little guys and gals. You have to make sure they are eating, drinking water, up to date on shots, and when you have had a hopefully long friendship together, when to end the poor dears suffering.

One man had a different approach to euthanasia. He took his dog to be euthanized, not for the poor things pain, but because of his breath. Can you imagine anything so absurdly sick in your entire life? The animal rescue workers who work tirelessly day in and day out looked at the man with such confusion. That’s no reason to put a dog down. So instead, they tried to investigate. However, whenever they got close to the small dog, it seems as though he was very resilient to being touched anywhere near his mouth.

He must have been in pain, as most dogs don’t go immediately to bite just from getting close to them. After putting the darling little pup under anesthesia, they realized why his breath had smelled… that guy was no dad, he played the part of an owner. Sick and twisted creep.

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