His Owner Returned After A 2 Year Mission. What This Dog Does Next Will Bring You To Tears!

When you move away from your family, it is always hard to say goodbye. Not only for you, but for the family members you are leaving behind as well. When Nathan Beck left to serve for his missionary trip in Samara, Russia, his four-legged pal Bailey was devastated. The Beagle-Coonhound mix was sad to see him leave and would keep looking in his room for him.

Now, after two long years, Nathan has returned home and you can’t imagine Bailey’s reaction! As soon as he rings the bell, Bailey converts into a rubber ball, bouncing all over the place. When Nathan enters, he is greeted by his enthusiastic doggy smothering him with sloppy kisses. She is so happy that she is frolicking all over the place!

Bailey jumps on Nathan and eventually he has to sit on the floor just to calm her down. But it doesn’t work. He’s stuck in floor, sitting by the door, and she is running all over the place and jumping on him. It’s like she’s telling all of the family members, “Look who’s home! Look who’s home!” It’s so sweet.

At one point, Bailey gets so excited she hits Nathan in the mouth, but he knows better than to stand up. Bailey has lots more kisses to give him and she looks like she’s ready to calm down and sit in his lap. Oh, no, wait, she’s not done running and telling the rest of the family he’s home.

Watch this cute video below! Isn’t this reunion amazing? What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments!

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