Owner to Rottweiler..make a mean face. This actor’s appearance will amaze you.

Did you know that the Rottweiler was originally bread to drive cattle and to pull carts for butchers in Germany? When we look at the modern day “Rottie” we envision the tough as nails police dog, or the security dog at the local wrecker’s yard. But these super friendly dogs are also a great family dog and companion.

As the Rottweiler is a strong and very intelligent dog, it is vital that they be trained properly and socialized regularly. They are not a breed of dog that can be left in the back yard to fend for themselves, as they need constant stimulation to stop boredom, which can turn into aggressiveness. Their training should be fair and firm, not aggressive and forceful as this can alter them from protector to dangerous bully.

I have a Rottweiler at home, and she is a softy. She is nine-years-old and is as gentle as a fly, yet if there is anyone lurking around our home, she is the first to let you know. These dogs have a sense of what is not right. I woke up one morning to her barking un-relentlessly at the swimming pool. She does this when something is different or out of place. When I got there lo-and-behold there was a crab swimming in the water.

They are a very protective dog, especially with children. Our dog once jumped into to pool while our 15-year-old grandson was swimming, her instinct was to get him out of the water. This is not unusual for the breed, as they are extremely loyal to their owners.

The Rottweiler breed is easy to train. This is because of their intelligence and overall “Smartness” we have trained ours to obey commands in two different languages, but it doesn’t matter how you say “Do you want your dinner” she will come running straight away.

The dog featured in the clip bellow has obviously got an owner with a great sense of humor. “Reese” the Rottie, with the acting talent of such comedic greats as “Marty Feldman” and “Rodney Dangerfield”. Has the ability to pull faces on command. If it’s happy you want…you got it. If its teeth you want to see….then teeth it is. But Reese’s specialty is the angry look….enough to send shivers down your spine…or in this case have you in fits if laughter.

Watch the video below and be amazed at the different looks Reece can achieve on the demand of his owner. I wonder how long it took to teach this handsome hound how to fake a face? I know a few people that can’t show this many facial expressions…..no…just kidding, sit back, hit the link and get a good laugh from this clever canine.