Owner says “hello” to his pet – the animal’s response is amazing

Dogs are without a doubt humankind’s best friends. They keep us company when we’re sad and depressed, they’re loyal to a fault, they’re always there to greet us when we come home with their tails wagging and they give the best cuddles too! But sometimes, they can be unintentionally hilarious – as is the case here.

There have been many videos circling the deepest darkest depths of the internet for years showing dogs with the apparent ability to talk. Some videos show dogs “singing” along while someone plays a piano or guitar. Some videos proport to showing owners having a full conversation with their animals! But while dogs are unfortunately not gifted with the powers of speech (would that they were – the world would be a better place) it sometimes seems like they are! The pooch in this video is no exception!

Keep your eyes and ears on the little dog on the left. He or she appears to be a Pug, with his companion a black Lab. The two friends are interested in something happening off camera – which is most likely a social gathering in the back garden. But it’s when the little Pug’s owner starts to talk to the dog that hilarity ensues!

You’re not going to believe your ears as the Pug actually speaks back! You’ll be utterly convinced he’s responding to his owner and saying “hello,” although he does sound like he’s saying it in a Scottish accent! We’re not sure where these folks are from, but it’s still ridiculously funny to listen to the adorable pooch greet his owner – and all the laughing guests in the background!

As one commenter notes, they’re not sure what’s funnier – the little dog saying hello, or the howls of laughter coming from the watching group! It’s one of those experiences that would likely keep you chuckling for hours – especially if you’d had a drink or two – as these guys most probably have!

Dogs bring us such joy in this life it’s hard to think of our existence without them, and this little Pug’s antics are bound to keep guests calling at this house to see his party trick time and time again! We’d love to go around and visit and here the little darling for ourselves! Don’t miss this brilliant video – and share with your animal loving family and friends. Dogs are the best, aren’t they?!