His Owner Stacks Up Bottles Into A Pyramid As A Christmas Gift. How This Dog Reacts? So Cute!

The International Bottled Water Association or IBWA say Americans are using more and more bottles of water because they are convenient, portable, inexpensive, transparent, and do not break easily. The most popular type of water bottle in America by far is the single-use water bottle. Americans spent $11 billion on single-use plastic water bottles in 2011 alone.

Due to environmental concerns, many people are urging consumers to switch to reusable bottles. Some airports have installed water-bottle-specific fountains to help the cause. However, I doubt anyone has figured out a funnier way to reuse bottles than in this next video! It’s very entertaining to watch, but I hope this dog owner recycles all of these after Maymo is finished playing!

You may be familiar with Maymo the beagle. He’s famous on the internet for some of his antics, and this is another one. He loves to play with and chew on plastic bottles. His owner set up over 100 bottles into a pyramid, just so Maymo could knock it down. It only took two nudges with his nose for the bottles to fall, and then he played right in the middle of them!

Maymo looked pretty excited to knock over these bottles and had the time of his life playing with them. He doesn’t look so happy about the Santa hat he’s wearing though. Aww, not all of Maymo’s wishes came true this season, I guess.

Watch the video below and let us know how you felt about it. Also, tell us if your pets have the same fantasy for plastic bottles! We love to hear from you.

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