Owner starts belting out this Elvis classic to his birds, what happens next is awesome!

Surely one of the biggest icons and recognized rock and roll stars that has ever lived is The King himself, Elvis Presley. He had such a long and amazing career with songs that are still in everyone’s hearts today, even the hearts of animals! The cockatoos in the film are a shining example of what a true Elvis fan looks like.

Their human starts singing and strumming guitar. He is playing one of Elvis’s more popular tunes that everyone is sure to know, Don’t Be Cruel, and the way they respond is something everyone needs to see and hear to be believed.  The bird starts really rocking up and down in perfect time to the beat of the music. I never realized what natural musical talent birds had.

What the other bird does next is sure to floor you.  This film certainly shows something that you don’t see every day. I won’t spoil the amazing surprise for you but you’re going to be watching this clip again and again I assure you.

Check out these two amazing and musically talented birds in the video below. When you are done rocking out yourself please let us know what you thought in the comments section below because we really want to know. Share this clip with family friends if you think it will be something they will also enjoy.