Owner tells his dog it’s time to take her meds. Her reaction is awesome!

Denver is a pup who is going viral with this funny reaction to taking her ear drops. A gorgeous yellow lab, it’s not her first time on the internet; you may remember her trying to hide among some Christmas decorations. This time she shows a different and yet still very funny side of her personality.

You’re about to see that Denver is an older dog now and she is not all that keen on having to deal with her ear drops. She reacts to her owner’s vocal cue that it’s time to take her medication, poor girl! She acts quite a lot like a toddler who doesn’t want to eat a particular food.

It’s impossible to ignore how cute she is even though her initial reaction turns into some steady growling at her master. Even dad can’t get angry with her as she is too cute for words and after all when it’s time for your medication there isn’t much you can do about it.

In the end Denver realizes that it’s more important to get those meds in than it is to grumble about having to take them. Still, it’s an amazing reaction and so cute.

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