His Owner Thought It Would Be A Normal Dinner Time. This Dog’s Reaction Left Everyone Floored!

Bonnie is a rescue dog who was adopted by a nice family. This family wanted to take it slow to introduce Bonnie to his new family. But Bonnie is not the one who likes to take it slow. He has a great idea to fit in with his new siblings.

Sato Rescue Organization rescued Bonnie from streets and found him a forever new home. And Bonnie decides to make the best of it.

On his first day, Bonnie was given dinner separately from his new sibling. His owner decided that they should eat separately because you never know what dogs might do when they meet at first. But Bonnie didn’t quite like the idea. And he didn’t want to eat alone as well. So, he has this most adorable reaction ever.

You will have to watch the video to know what this little puppy does when he is given food separately. This is hilarious and cute at the same time.

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