His Owner Had Him Trapped In Barbed Wire For 2 Days, Until A Rescue Crew Did THIS To Help Him!

Meet Rudy and brave little horse that is the star of this video. He was tangled in a barbed wire fence on the in Oklahoma just off a major highway. He was stuck there for 2 days and what is worse is that this wasn’t an accident at all. His owner did this on purpose and thankfully this story goes on to have a happy ending.

Rudy the horse was saved by the incredibly helpful people at Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue. They wisely setup a crowd-funding campaign to help rescue the injured horse. When he was left for dead, he was attacked by dogs that tore off his ears and eye lids.

His condition was very bleak and horrible. It’s very shocking to see him and to think that a human did this to him on purpose. Thanks to the rescuers, Rudy continues to get stronger and is getting healthier every single day. Rudy is eating, and drinking normally and he just loves all the new attention. It must be a real change from the type of affection he was receiving at home.

The person that did this to Rudy has charged with animal cruelty and is being prosecuted. The equine rescue has even raised an incredible $20,000 dollars to help pay for Rudy’s care. This video will take you on an emotional roller coaster, but hang in there for the good parts and leave a comment. Share this story if only to spread awareness about cruelty to animals.

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