Owner Tries To Train His Dog By Not Letting Him Eat! Is It For Real? Unbelievable!

Training a dog is cool. Making them act according to your commands is the most awesome thing in the world. But I really pity how they are getting trained. But yes, actually it is the right thing to do in order to train a dog. They will quickly learn to do what you teach them if food or treats is used as a reward.

Everyone loves lunch time, but no one loves it quite as much as Kibo, the adorable Shiba Inu dog! Just the sound of his yummy kibble hitting his metal bowl is too much for Kibo to take! But it’s not just food that will get your dog wagging and wiggling! This dog knows he’s on his way to the park, and he is SO EXCITED!!

This video is very sweet watching the dog getting so excited for his lunch. His frequent jumping just took my heart away! Before his human puts his food in the bowl, he tells Kibo to sit, and he does, immediately. But when the food hits the bowl, he jumps! It’s so cute. He doesn’t jump near the bowl. He just jumps out of excitement.

He must really like his kibble. My dog never reacted like that when I fed him! He always acted like he was hoping for something new, and then walked away disappointed. LOL! Maybe I need to learn a few things from this dog owner.

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