His owner wouldn’t allow him on the couch. What this bulldog did next left me in hysterics! ROFL!

Babies and puppies are quite similar in many aspects. However, there are some obvious differences. When you are dealing with a fussy baby, you actually get a chance to discern what the problem is. Does the baby need feeding or changing? But when it comes to fussy pups, God help you. It is much harder to communicate with an angry little dog than a fuming little baby.

This clip features Bentley the bulldog puppy. He is angry at his owner over one thing or the other and the way he vents out his anger is ridiculously adorable! This is the cutest temper tantrum you will ever get to see! It looks like he wants to get up on the couch, so he starts barking and whimpering at his owner. You just HAVE to see this cute, wrinkly little pup!

I don’t know if I would be able to say no to Bentley. He’s not asking for much. He just wants to sit and cuddle with his owner on the couch. I am pretty sure I couldn’t say no to cuddles from Bentley, even if it meant he had to sit on the couch with me. Bentley has a big internet fan following, and I’m confident that once you see this, you will be a big fan of his too!

Watch the video! Wouldn’t you let him up the couch if it was up to you? Let us know your thoughts about this video in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!