When Owners Took Their Dog To The Store, They Had No Idea He Would Do THIS. Hilarious!

Sometimes dogs do crazy things that make us love them that much more. It’s usually something funny to make us laugh and also to make the dog’s personality really shine through. That’s what you will see in this clip. This dog is so happy to be out and about with his human’s that he celebrates in a very unique way.

This video below is funny beyond belief. The dog in this clip is a little red poodle and he’s following his humans through the grocery store in what appears to be an Asian country. The dog isn’t even on a leash, and that’s good because there is no stopping this dog!

When the dog in this video was taken into the grocery store by his owner, he had a funny way of walking through. And I’m sure this will leave you in stitches! And he doesn’t just walk. When he hears some music from a video game, he does a little dance that is just too adorable.

With training, dogs can learn how to stand and also walk on their hind legs. Maybe this dog received one of those trainings. He sure can walk that walk! And in public, no less. And wait until you see him shake his tail when he hears a bit of music. This is hilarious and sure to make your day!

Watch the video below! What did you think of this dog’s crazy walk? Did it make you laugh? Let us know in the comments section below.

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