Ozzy The Weasel Adores His Stuffed Animal Like Nothing Else In The World! AWW

When people try to picture a cute animal friend, they’d usually imagine a puppy, or a nice cat, or maybe some kind of rodent like a bunny or a hamster. There’s not many people in this world that have had the pleasure of living with an otter, but as this video shows, they’re some of the most adorable animals that nature has given us! It’s true that otters are wild animals and they’re much better living in nature, where they belong. But their friendliness and calm nature allows them to be best friend with humans even if they’re not domesticated, and if you don’t believe it, look no further than the following clip!

In the video, Ozzy, a rescued weasel who now lives with his human hero, is seen playing a game in which he has to pick one stuffed animal out of all of the ones the man in the video gives him, and time after time, no matter how many different combinations he tries, Ozzy picks the little Eeyore stuffed donkey every single time. Even after the toy has been washed, he picks him without hesitation. It seems like the little otter friend has already become attached to his stuffed animal friend, and it’s the cutes thing ever!

Don’t miss this delightful video, just below here.

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