Painful News of Mothers Tragic Accident Devastates All. Her Passenger? Will Reduce You to Tears!

Tragedy comes out of nowhere. Everything really seems to be going rather well. Mother Jennifer and eighteen-month-old daughter Lily have had quite a day together. Late one Friday night, Jennifer was driving home, soothing Lily with gentle coos and “awe’s.” It was already 1030 as they headed home to rest their weary head.  As they enjoyed the night air, the two appreciated every moment of it.

Unfortunately, that was the last peaceful moment the mother and daughter would share together. Mother Jennifer lost control of the vehicle. After a moment of disorientation, Jennifer regained her bearings and the all too real situation sunk in. Jennifer and Lily had landed in the river below. The odd angle of impact left half of the car submerged. Jennifer was relieved that she and her baby had survived. The random moment had shaken her up good, but the ordeal was all but over, she thought.

An unbearable fourteen hours followed. The relief had taken an abrupt turn to anticipation. When would someone notice? When will they be saved?  The time passed at a torturous rate. The anticipation turned to dread. A terrifying thought entered her head, is no one going to notice us? She refused. She refused to accept that answer and started loudly pleading to the outside world.

At 12:24 pm her plea was finally answered by a lone fisherman. He had spotted it in passing and immediately alerted the authorities. When they arrived on the scene, they found a mind-boggling sight. The angle the car had been stuck at, had been seeping into the damaged car. The officers on scene weren’t immediately optimistic. It was a bad wreck.  But when they approached the vehicle? What a bittersweet moment.
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