This Painting Was Hidden In A Pile Of Junk. A Woman Paid $10 To Purchase It. You Won’t Believe What She Found!

In the 1880s a number of well-trained and widely traveled landscape painters settled permanently in the San Francisco Bay area. These artists adopted a loose and expressive brushwork style in their views of California landscapes, influenced by the Impressionistic style that was popular in Europe.

Raymond Dabb Yelland, known as a distinguished artist and dedicated art instructor, was one of the stalwarts of the San Francisco art world. Born in England, his family brought him to America at age three. He studied at the country’s leading art institute, the prestigious National Academy of Design in New York City.

Yelland was trained as a technically adept painter of the academic tradition of realism. He excelled with paintings portraying quiet stretches of water and sky bathed in the delicate light of early evening. The meticulous realism captured in paintings was created through tiny brushstrokes that obliterate any sense of an artist’s hand at work.

Yelland is best known for his coastal scenes at sunset, but often visited and painted views in the Monterey area.

Stacked haphazardly in a pile of junk at a local swap meet, this painting could’ve easily been passed over. But luckily for the owner, something about it caught her eye. She said that the painting reminded her of a former vacation spot that she enjoyed.

Because of the sentimental value, she shelled out the $10 asking price, took it home, and cherished it for decades.

When she went to the San Diego Museum of Art, the owner of the painting noticed a similar painting with a similar signature. Finding that discovery, she decided to take hers to Antiques Roadshow.

The owner of the painting found out that what she bought at the swap meet was the sketch of the larger painting that she saw in the San Diego Museum of Art!

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