“Pancake Batter Miracle! See What Happens!! Sheer Brilliance!”

EVERYBODY LOVES PANCAKES!! Pancakes are yummy, but can get boring!! You know it? “Plain old” pancakes can get a little monotonous.

But then comes in a little rock and roll and the outcome is just too amazing.  Check it for yourself. Mixing things a bit can change ordinary pancakes into a piece of art.

Mix what? Mix some ideas! This video will tell you how to do that. Do not go for the obvious muffins and waffles, but try out the other cool things and you will be so happy with the outcome.

I am sure after the video you will rush to your kitchen to try it out because it is that amazing! Also, in  case, you know of some other things that we could try with the oh-so-ordinary pancake batter, let us know in the comment section below. Enjoy!!!! https://youtu.be/k-RxKQsipwY