When This Panda Sees SNOW For The First Time, No One Expects THIS To Reaction!

We are all entertained by Pandas, no doubt. But one of the cutest pandas, named Bao Bao, is here to make your day with his reaction to snow. In 2013, Bao Bao became the newest addition to the animal family at the Washington D.C. National Zoo. You may not know that pandas are an endangered and highly protected species due to their diminishing population, so Bao Bao’s successful birth was quite a big deal.

Think about the first time you ever played in the snow. How did you react? If you’re one of the people who is fortunate enough to live where it snows, surely you remember that first snow day and how excited you were to experience a winter wonderland of snow.

Bao Bao’s reaction when he sees snow for the first time is no less entertaining and it seems he never wants to leave this snowy paradise. He stays close to mom, of course, who spends her time taking care of Bao Bao. She’s seen snow before and is much more interested in her baby.

Watch this adorable mom and baby play in the snow in the video below. I’m sure it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

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