“They Gave This Baby Panda A New Toy! Her Reaction? Everything You’d Expect! LOL!”

Meet Xiao. This very adorable baby panda lives at the San Diego Zoo and he’s a big hit with all the staff. Just one look and you will fall in love!

Now the zoo is very protective of all of the animals and they have one of the animal best health care plans in the world. Healthy animals are happy animals after all.

This video shows Xiao visiting the vet for a checkup. Little Xiao was given a green plastic ball by the staff to test his coordination and agility. He passed the test with fly colors, but I think he’s going to take that ball back with him!

They gave him a few other toys to play with too, but it’s obvious that Xiao’s favorite is that ball. The little guy just latches onto the green ball and doesn’t watt to let go!

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