Panda From Washington National Zoo Gave Birth To The Twins. But Only One Survived…

UPDATE: Handlers For Twin Panda Babies Born This Week Have Released THIS Heartbreaking News

The giant panda Mei Xiang who lives in Washington D.C. Smithsonian National Zoo has given birth to a couple of wonderful little panda cubs late Saturday evening. So, that’s twin pandas!

According to NBC Washington the twins were born nearly 5 hours apart. “Mei Xiang was seen picking up and licking her first cub at 5:35 p.m. Saturday, live on the zoo’s panda cams. The cub could be heard squealing just after the birth, which zoo officials called a good sign. The second cub was born just after 10 p.m. As is the zoo’s practice, one of the two cubs was retreived from Mei Xiang’s enclosure and placed in an incubator. That cub appears to be in good health, according to a post on the zoo’s Facebook page.”

The newborn cubs were taken to Bao Bao, one of Mei Xiang’s previous two surviving cubs who remains at the Zoo with his mother. This rare case when newborns join an existing cub will be the first in the zoo’s history.

The staff of the Zoo was very excited when babies came along. The video below shows the wonderful moment of birth that was captured on the Zoo’s panda cam.

Update: According to a statement from the National Zoo, the smaller of the two panda cubs has reportedly died from complications.

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