With Only Pantyhose And A Few Things, She Creates The Most Realistic Halloween Costume.

Halloween is just around the corner people start looking for custom options. You can always go with the normal mask and custom at your local department store. Every year customs get more detailed and masks get more realistic. You can even dress yourself up as the president, the former president or your favorite movie star. You can find these types of masks in many sites. They sell everything from monster masks, the realistic looking masks. Some people like to get more creative with makeup.

But makeup is a form of art and it takes quite some time to manage. There are dozens of tutorials that show you the basic techniques to look at your favorite Halloween character. There are zombies, witches, and many others. If done right, using makeup will help you get a more realistic look at a fraction of the price. Most realistic looking masks or at least the good ones are made from silicone. Silicone has been used in the movie industry for many years. The reason for this is because it resembles human skin.

It can be molded into any shape and any skin color can be achieved. Silicone also doesn’t produce skin allergies as regular rubber would. Have used rubber masks before and it starts getting itchy very fast. Your skin cannot sweat adequately either. After a while, you end up removing the mask because is just too uncomfortable to wear. With silicone, this doesn’t happen.

Silicone is very skin friendly and very durable. While a rubber mask can last you may be a couple of Halloween’s, a silicone mask can last you for years. Provided you take adequate care of it and take the proper measures to store it.

The following video shows a young woman using makeup and the few things you probably have at your home to make a great Halloween disguise. Many people like mermaids but the texture is very difficult to get in a regular mask. Even more so with makeup. She comes across a very easy and simple solution for this. And she also achieves a great texture. Before she starts, she needs to protect her eyebrows. She starts applying glue stick over them in a powder. Then, he uses makeup to make them disappear. She starts off by placing a fishnet pantyhose over her face.

You can also use a wig cap for this purpose. Using a sponge or your very own fingertips you can start gently tapping some blue shadow on your forehead and the top of your cheekbones. Tried using two or three different tones so you can create a gradient effect. You can also use the fishnet on your shoulders with the same colors for a better effect. After doing so, remove the fishnet so you can see the beautiful scales. To make the effect better, you can apply blue, white, purple, and orange cream eyeshadow over your eyelids. Finally, you can use red lipstick or the color of your choice. The results will be marvelous, try it!