Parakeet Stands In Front Of Sleeping Cat. I Was Not Expecting What Happened Next.

Cats and birds usually get along about as well as cats and dogs. I see my cats looking out the window at the birds flying around outside and I can see them thinking like a certain Austin Powers villain: “GET. IN. MY. BELLY!” They’d eat them if at all possible. There are some exceptions though. Oil and water do co-exist sometimes. Cats and birds can get along. Like what we see in this video.

We see a cat and a parakeet on a table. It’s filmed somewhere in Russia, since the video description and all the comments are in Russian. The cat’s only mission is to sleep. The parakeet wants to wake him up. He kisses the cat’s head, his paws and ignores the kitty’s placing his paws over his eyes, the near-universal signal for “I want to sleep.” Nope, not happening. But the cat is patient about his rest time being interrupted.

There are several times during the video that the bird does the equivalent of a lion tamer sticking his or her jaws into the lion’s mouth. He stands RIGHT in front of the cat’s mouth, without a fear in the world that he’s going to be eaten. The cat doesn’t even flinch. It’s clear that the two have known each other for a awhile. Otherwise we would just be seeing a bunch of feathers and a burping cat.

I love these videos that show interspecies friendships. The best is when one of the species is being really annoying, like this parakeet. He means well and he’s adorable, but he’s never heard of the saying, “Let sleeping cats lie.” Well, that’s not exactly the phrase, but it’s close enough. Fortunately, he’s not in a Tweety Bird and Sylvester situation. Then again, Tweety was always smart enough to beat that silly cat.

Wasn’t this so adorable? Who did you think was cuter? Were you worried about the bird? I was for a bit. Tell us in the comments below!

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