“OMG. The Story Of A Paralyzed Dog And His Master Will Leave You In Tears…”

Dogs are probably the liveliest creatures ever. It is heartbreaking to see dogs suffering from an injury. Worst, if the limbs are paralyzed. This is the story of a paraplegic pit bull called Loois whose hind legs were paralyzed after an unsuccessful spinal operation. But retired police officer Craig Mosher wasn’t going to give up on him.

He stayed with Loois during his worst times, took him out for walks by holding up his hind legs clasped in a padded structure and as he says, ‘I go where he goes..’ It is amazing to witness the friendship between the two. Loois is no more now, unfortunately. But he fought till the end and Mosher supported his till his last breath. https://youtu.be/KAn7QbThWAg This will surely bring a tear to your eye. Do watch the video and tell us what you think..