Paralyzed Street Dog, Unable To Walk From Spinal Injury Needed To Be Rescued…

Rescue workers in India went into the storeroom of a house, where they located Alby, a dog who had basically stopped wanting to live. He could stand up somewhat, but couldn’t use his hind legs well. They extricated him and took him to their clinic, where they diagnosed spinal trauma, but nothing broken. They immediately gave him medicine for the sores and cuts on his face.

It wasn’t an easy road for Alby. After 10 days had passed, he was showing signs of gaining health, strength, and weight back. This was already a markedly different looking dog than the one first shown in the video, the one who was curled up in a near ball with the saddest eyes possible. The organization kept working with him, feeding him, and giving him physical therapy. Two months later, he was almost whole, running around like a normal dog, with the slightest of hitches in his gait in his hind area.

This just goes to show that hard work and perseverance pay off again. When Alby realized that these humans were there to help him, he decided that his life was worth living again. It takes a certain amount of pain and suffering until a person or animal decides they have had enough. It was fortunate for him that those animal rescuers came and found him when they did.

I’d love to hear more of the story. They also are soliciting donations so they can continue in helping all kinds of animals in India. If you don’t have a favorite American charity, you might look into this one, Animal Aid Unlimited, India. It’s a thought, especially around the holidays. Good karma is good karma, though, no matter the time of the year. I’m sure the animals would appreciate the support, too.

This video was awesome. I love how people help animals, no matter their circumstances. What did you think? Let us know below!

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