Her Parents Asked Her To Say A Prayer Before Dinner. What She Does In Response? LOL!

Anyone who comes from a religious family knows what it is like to lead the prayer before dinner. Whenever mom or dad would give you that nod, some kids would just shake their heads in silence. But the more outgoing kids, like little Sarah in the following clip, clearly approach the dinner prayer with more passion than I have ever seen!

Sarah starts out by thanking God for her family, then moving on to the pizza, the plate it was on, the cups – pretty much everything. As adults, sometimes we forget that God really does provide us with every single thing on this Earth – including this adorable little girl, sent down to help us remember!

“Thanks for baby Jesus, thanks for Christmas Eve, thanks for all our presents.” the tiny, bespectacled girl exclaims. She then proceeds to thank even more people, only to finally cut it off with a big, “Amen!”

Up next is her brother, who doesn’t seem to be quite up to the task. He just shakes his head and assures his father that no prayer will be coming out of his mouth that night.

No matter, Sarah’s incredible prayer more than made up for her brother’s lack of gratitude to the big man upstairs. Sarah knows that God provides all, no matter what hardships we are going through – something important for us all to remember, especially during the holiday season.

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