Parents build a padlocked house in their backyard. Then reveal why!

Autism is a condition that has puzzled doctors for many years. People used to think that autism didn’t even exist. It was a condition that was very difficult to diagnose, and that not many people knew much about. For years, psychologists struggled with trying to pinpoint the causes for it. Initially, it was believed that people got it as a result of some type of abuse.

This theory would soon prove to be inaccurate. They studied several kids who had it, and they mostly came from families where their parents were still together, and that didn’t use any type of physical discipline. Some parents were worried because they thought it was depression. They figured that their children were getting depressed for some reason. That this was causing them to pull back from the family.

Around the 70s, depression had started to become a big problem. Stress started to become this new disease that had started to cause problems in corporations and families across the United States. Soon, psychologists and psychiatrists started to have a lot more demand. They were sought after with the fervor of a spiritual leader who is supposed to show you the way to happiness and peace.

When autism was finally diagnosed, people didn’t really know what to do with that diagnosis. They started forming parent groups and meet every week. Some of the parents that had the resources, started hiring specialists in the area to treat their children. Remember that back then, people didn’t know that much about it, and this included the specialists.

They teamed up with universities and soon came up with a feasible treatment option. They have followed this model as the usual treatment system that gives satisfactory results for most of the patients. It’s not an exact science, so it’s not able to help all the patients. There are some patients who have a condition that cannot be treated using the known traditional methods.

What do you do in those cases? Do you give up? Well, this is exactly what happened to a couple of parents with autistic children. Their children were taken to a specialist, but he was not able to treat them. They tried several things for treatment, but nothing seemed to work. They heard of this experimental method that consisted of trying to enter the world of the autistic child instead of trying to get them to come out to ‘our’ world. The results were astonishing!