Parents Fearful For Preemie’s Life Are Given A Glimmer Of Hope That They NEVER Expected

Parenthood is an amazing journey, one which has a lot of ups and downs, but a journey that parents cherish the whole way. Great memories come from our trials and tribulations and Freya’s parents were excited when they heard they were going to have a baby girl.

But when Freya’s mum was in her 34th week, she gave birth to a premature baby. Being born early has its own complications for the little child and the parents were fearful for her well being. They prayed for her every day and never left her bedside.

As her new parents looked adoringly at her, she did something to ease their worries when she was only five days old. She gave a HUGE smile. Freya’s mum managed to capture this magical moment on camera and Freya’s smiling grin spread like wildfire all over the internet, going viral and at the same time giving hope to parents everywhere who were dealing with their own premature children.

As her mother says, “Born at only 4 lbs. 14 oz., she was happy to be alive! Life is so precious.” We totally agree with her. Life is precious and even this preemie realizes that. This smile helped her parents get through the tough time of their NICU days, but all’s well and now Freya is a healthy toddler and a big sister too!

Life is magical, and we mustn’t let things get you down. I LOVED the story because it shows how the parents managed to get through the tough time. So the question we want to ask you, how do YOU stay positive when things are down? Write in and let us know in the section below.