Parents are horrified when dog grabs girl’s diaper and throws her, then they realize why the dog did it

When you are adopting a dog, you want one that gets along with your children. You don’t want your kids in any danger. A mother would find out how true this could be. Catherine Svilicic is just your typical mother. One day, she saw her newly adopted Doberman, named Khan, grab her daughter Charlotte. His dog was grabbing her by the diaper and flung her across the yard. At that time, she regretted her decision for adopting the dog four days before. She thought about doing something at the time, but she waited to gather her thoughts. She got a closer look and she realized that the dog might had saved her 17-month-old daughter’s life.

It started when little Charlotte was playing in the grass at her home. She lives in the Australian town of Atherton. Her mother looked on as she played. That’s when Svilicic noticed something she didn’t think would happen. Her dog, Khan perk up and became aggressive with her daughter. “Khan was really concentrating and was acting aggressively toward Charlotte and kept trying to nudge her but it wasn’t working,” Svilicic told Daily Mail.

That’s when Khan lashed out and grabbed Charlotte. “So, he grabbed her by the back of the nappy and threw her over his shoulder more than a meter, like she was a rag doll,” the girl’s mother said. She had heard some stories about Dobermans acting weird. It might have been what she heard about the dogs not having a very good sense of smell. She read somewhere that this made them not recognize their owners and lunge at them. She is hoping right now this is only some urban myth.

Just as she was thinking of this, a king brown snake, jumped out from underneath their house and bit Khan in the leg. This isn’t just any ordinary snake, it is the third most poisonous snake in the world! What was a snake doing there in the first place? And most importantly, how does she get it out of there?

“Charlotte looked pretty shocked and Khan screamed like he’d been stabbed,” Svilicic recalled. “I realized he had been trying to get in between her and the snake before he threw her.” She felt a little bad at that point. She had thought her dog was trying to hurt her daughter and she was so wrong.

She felt worse when she saw her dog collapse because of the bite. She gets very worried about her dog. She has heard that for a dog, a snake-bite can be lethal in a matter of a few minutes. She hurries up and takes her to the vet. Will she make it on time?