Parents Meet A Little Girl Who Has Their Son’s Heart

Tracie and Kevin Baker were dealing with the kind of loss that any other parents should never experience. When their son Logan was just 6 weeks old, the doctors discovered that he had muscular dystrophy. It turned out that their son’s life expectancy wouldn’t be long, so the Bakers spent the entire 13 months of his life filling it with joy and celebrating every day they had with him. Logan died on February 11, 2013. But after 3 days he saved a little girl’s life.

A 2-year-old girl, called Trinity Lazo, underwent heart transplant. Her diseased heart was removed and replaced with a healthy one from Logan. So thanks to Logan, another family got the second chance that he wasn’t afforded. Watch this touching video of the reunion of Trinity’s and Logan’s families. The Bakers can now listen to their son’s heart beating and giving life to this girl.

The death of Logan was unbearable for his parents, but now they know that at least Logan’s life was not taken in vain. His life was given a purpose — to provide joy and hope for Trinity!

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